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Vaulting Poles

The legacy of Spirit sets the standard for excellence!

Established in 1987, UCS/Spirit Vaulting poles come directly from the most experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated team in the sport. Since it’s first appearance in competition, winning the NCAA Championships in June of 1987, UCS/Spirit Vaulting Poles have an unsurpassed history of dominating performance and results at all levels of competition. From local youth, club, high school competitions to multiple world records and Olympic medals – UCS/Spirit Vaulting Poles offer the most reliable, durable, consistent, and proven Vaulting Pole in the World.

Our superior design and engineering team’s focus is to provide a consistent, even, and smooth bending pole while maintaining maximum hoop strength to deliver the highest Energy Memory possible in each jump. This is accomplished with our state of the art tooling, manufacturing techniques and processes using the finest certified raw materials coupled with the most skilled and experienced labor force in the world.

From the design to manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished goods, from the first jump to the World Record – consistency yields maximum performance and top level results time and again. UCS/Spirit Vaulting poles have broken more World Records than any other pole on the market and continue to raise the bar to unsurpassed heights. 

The Energy Memory Story

Applied physics and state of the art computer technology are combined with the most important ingredient: “know-how” that is only gained by maintaining consistency in management philosophy and dedicated manufacturing craftsmanship. To create Energy Memory, each pole, whether it would be for your 10’ pole vaulter or a world class vaulter, is manufactured with pride and craftsmanship.

Our goal is simple: construct a pole that retains maximum energy when flexed by the vaulter. After all - the more efficient the pole - the greater the lift.

The secret of success for vaulters of all ages is logical - maintaining the highest hoop strength possible, to deliver the energy memory. Putting it simply, the energy created by the vaulter should equal the energy released by the pole.

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