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1300 High Jump Pit

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Pit Size: 17'6"W x 10'L x 28"H / 501-1300
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The 1300 pit offers more width than the 1250 providing added safety for the athlete.

UCS High Jump Pit Advantages
VTX 1000 All UCS High Jump Pits come complete with an 8" velcro tape system that is backed with a vinyl coated pit material. This unique system takes the stress off the top pad and snap hooks while keeping the pit totally intact and minimizing separation.
2" Top Pad 2" top pad is fabricated out of 14 x 12 breather fabric, 2" of 23lb. ILD urethane foam. A great safety advantage on all UCS Pits!
Vinyl Material Side and bottoms of all UCS Pit units are manufactured out of 21oz. knife coated vinyl composed of 5oz. 840 denier nylon with a 23 x 23 construction and 16oz. of liquid coated urethane that is spread over one side of the nylon material. The result increases the life of the pit and minimizes wear and tear with 37oz. equivalent vinyl that has the highest tear strength in the industry.
Foam Our foam is engineered in a lattice formation with three different densities and three different compressions. No one else in the world uses this combination of densities and compressions that will outperform any other pit in the world.

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