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221 Series Fat Pads

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Available in folding and non-folding models, UCS Fat Pads are manufactured out of 21oz. vinyl knife coated nylon, a vinyl extruded nylon breather material offering the right amount of mat depression and an extra high resilient polyethylene allowing for years of vigorous use. Non-Folding fat pads' 8", 10", & 12" thicknesses have a breather mesh material on top. Folding fat pads have a breather mesh material on the sides. Folding pads' one piece top forms a crackless surface. Fat pads can be manufactured to mount on the wall at the end of a runway.

Return Policy
Only Blue & Black Fat Pads are subject for return.

Custom logos are available at an additional cost.

WARNING TO CA RESIDENTS: Due to Proposition 65 in the State of California, this product may contain a chemical or substance known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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