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UCS Strength and Speed Benches have been designed from the ground up unlike any other benches on the market to ensure safety, stability and functionality.

  • All UCS benches are a combination of 7-guage steel tubing and 0.25" plate.  Benches boast fully welded frames and hydraulic piston assisted adjustments.
  • Handles have been placed to enable the users to make all adjustments from the seated position in order to minimize down time between activities and users.
  • On benches with horizontal adjustments, the block and rail bearings eliminate the spring effect that is found in commonly used tube and collar bearing systems.
  • Bench padding is a full 3" in total height, 2" of high density polyurethane foam is backed by 0.75" of rigid engineered wood.
  • The UCS exclusive seamless stitch pattern eliminates the seam from high pressure areas of the pad preventing the common wear and tear and discomfort of a standard stitch pattern.

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