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Handspring Tear-Drop Trainer

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The UCS Tear Drop Trainer is specially design to properly train the athlete performing a back or front handspring.  The first trainer to simulate real time, competition speed movements for the back and front handspring.

Perfect gift for Cheerleaders and Gymnasts!
  • Flat surface supports the entire body throughout motion
  • Unique bowl side enables advanced athletes to maintain proper body position under their own power while providing real time feedback to both the coach and athlete.
  • Flattened radius encourages snap down, helps precent roll-over onto the athlete and returns the trainer to the starting position
  • Forces the athlete to create linear motion to engage the machine.
  • Manufactured from high density polyurethane foam
  • Covered in exclusive UCS world famous 21 oz Embassy vinyl
  • Comes complete with four handles for placement and to allow for proper spotting
  • Available in 4 sizes including an extra large model to accomodate taller athlete

See the UCS Tear Drop in action!

Video by: Peter Kormann
Athlete Height Tear Drop Sizes
Under 4' Small
4' - 4'7" Medium
4'8" - 5'4" Large
5"5" + Ex. Large

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