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Not all orders/items that are purchased online include shipping costs. The reason for this is that UCS makes every effort to provide the most affordable shipping available. The way an order ships is dependant on weight, dimensions and number of items. Many orders and or items can be shipped through UPS. Most shipping charges must be calculated the following business day. You will be contacted by a UCS representative regarding shipping charges and methods of payment on the following business day after placing your order. Please make sure that UCS has a phone number where

you can be reached or you can contact UCS at 1.800.526.4856.

No international orders can be placed online.
The reasons for not accepting international orders are as follows:

  • UCS cannot verify account information.
  • Some items cannot be shipped internationally, although we stock in some locations world wide.

If you would like to place an international order, you must contact a UCS customer service representative.

Check item description and additional information for warranty information. All products are subject to an evaluation by a UCS representative. Warranties are prorated depending on the wear and tear of the item. If item has signs of abuse, the warranty becomes void.



Q – What is the standard lead time?
A –
UCS makes every attempt to deliver a customer’s order in a timely fashion. In order to achieve this, it is important for the customer to provide UCS with all the information required (e.g. Color Selections & Logo Artwork.) To determine a detailed timeline for your custom order, please call our offices at 1.800.526.4856.

Q – What is the cost for a custom logo on equipment?
A –
The cost of a custom logo application varies depending on products. Custom logos are a standard feature on many of our products and some products results in a $150.00 one time screen fee. For larger logo applications, such as a pole vault top pad and system mats, please contact our offices at 1.800.526.4856 and a staff member will be happy to provide you a firm cost.

Q – What does it cost to ship my pole vault pit, high jump pit or other large item?
A –
Oversize items usually ship through UCS trucking in order to alleviate high shipping costs. Shipping is determined on a per item/order basis. UCS is happy to provide customers with an instant freight cost, please call 1.800.526.4856 to speak with a member of our staff.

Q – Where is my equipment manufacturer?
A –
MADE IN USA – UCS products are manufactured from scratch at our 130,000 sq. ft. Lincolnton, NC facility. UCS Spirit Poles are fabricated at our Carson City, NV facility.

Q – Can I pick up my order?
A –
We are happy to fabricate your order and prepare it for your pick up. Please contact our offices at 1.800.526.4856 to ensure you have the proper equipment to transport your order.

Q – I have an idea for a new product, how can I have it considered?
A –
UCS gets many requests from inventors, coaches and engineers to consider their product for production, we ask that you have all of your legal papers in order prior to approaching UCS, you may submit your request by e-mail to info@ucsspirit.com.

Q – I have a custom padding need that no standard product will accomplish, how do I request a quote from UCS for a solution?
A –
UCS enjoys working closely with customers to develop a solution for an unusual padding problem, please call our offices at 1.800.526.4856.

Q – My landing area or a large mat has arrived compressed, what should I do?
A –
Due to freight costs, UCS may compress your landing area or mat to save you unnecessary shipping costs. Once the item arrives it is important that you carefully open it immediately in a large, dry area. DO NOT OPEN IN A CONFINED SPACE AND DO NOT CUT IN AN AREA WHERE YOU MAY DAMAGE THE MAT. All compressed equipment has a large pink tag indicating a safe location to cut. On average, a compressed item will return to full form within 2 to 24 hours, depending on how long it has been compressed.

California Proposition 65 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - Why do UCS products contain a warning about Proposition 65?
A - California Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide California residents with special warnings about products that may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Although UCS products are in full compliance with federal safety regulations, some of our products contain one or more of the hundreds of chemicals on the California Proposition 65 warning list. As a result, we provide the special warning to our California customers. A current list of the more than 800 chemicals covered by Proposition 65 can be found at www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65.html.

Q - Are UCS products safe to use?
A -
Yes, we believe all of our products are fully compliant with all applicable safety and health requirements.

Q - Where can I get more information on Proposition 65?
A -
For information on the Proposition 65 list of chemicals, you may contact California's Proposition 65 program at 916-445-6900 or by visiting http://www.oehha.ca.gov/prop65.html.

Q - Does the vinyl in UCS products contain lead?
A -
No, we purchase high quality, lead-free vinyl for use in all of our products.

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