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1680D Ballistic Nylon Pads - Center 45, Boone, NC
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1680D Ballistic Nylon Top Boulder Flooring System

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UCS Boulder Floor Systems are specifically designed to take the abuse from the daily high traffic seen at commercial boulder gyms. They have been tested to exceed the EN standards and ASTM standards from similar industries which are based on HIC and GMAX (currently no climbing flooring standard in the United States).The modular style allows you to rotate pads in high use areas, bring outside for a more thorough cleaning, or move in case of catastrophic events.The sides of each pad are made of our 21oz knife coated vinyl and vinyl mesh for airflow while the bases are a coated vinyl to reduce shifting.Our pads are comprised of a single piece of PU foam from top to bottom to reduce friction, increase life, and eliminate the extra gap at the edge of the pad caused by having a layer of closed cell foam on top. Pads are connected with Velcro backed with the same fabric that is used for the top layer of the pad system. The top fabric layer is what makes each system different. Wall attachments, reinforced corners, and warning stripes are all included standard.

1680D Ballistic Nylon was developed as an alternative to 1050D that offers more color variety but isn't quite as strong. The yarns that are woven to make 1680D Ballistic are more of a natural fiber like cotton. Unlike 1050D where the yarns are braided for a thicker strand, there is only a single yarn that is then 2x2 basket woven to make it ballistic. It is not waterproof but still has a PU backing providing water resistance. Being a more natural fiber, it does a better job of holding chalk in so vacuuming may take more time. It can be lightly mopped as well. Unlike 1050D, 1680D comes in 7 colors. These colors include; blue, navy, olive green, gold, red, gray, and black. If you are looking for more color options and are ok with sacrificing some puncture resistance and durability, we suggest choosing 1000D Cordura Nylon.

  • A 36oz needle punch carpet top layer is available which attaches directly to each pad.
  • Full customization is available as we offer a variety of colors and graphics.
  • Sewn in grab handles carry a lifetime guarantee.
  • Available in a variety of thickness depending on wall height.
  • Custom logos are available at an additional cost.
  • All UCS Flooring System Covers meet the fire standards of California Bulletin 117-2013 and NFPA 253 and are certified lead free and 6P CPSIA Compliant.

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