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Hammer/Discus Cage

UCS offers the most complete, high quality and high performance range of hammer/discus cages in the world.

Available as a double circle or a single circle cage meeting IAAF or NCAA rules. The UCS hammer/discus cages come with ground sleeve installation or our unique two sleeve ground installation for the doors with self-standing bases for the back uprights. Ground sleeve models offer an all aluminum ground sleeve with a specific angle in the bottom to prevent twisting of posts (ground sleeves for door posts are powder coated steel.)

Custom made, double action hinges offer easy door movement. A door stabilizer system locks the door in place (an IAAF Rule). Hammer/discus nets are rated at minimum breaking cord strength of 365 kg. (804 lbs.) and use 4” x 0.5” (12.7mm) radius aluminum net posts. A double door net system is offered for extra security, eliminating all escape areas. Zeneel® door posts are 4” OD x 0.5”(12.7mm), and are rust resistant. Net stabilizer arms help reduce ricocheting of the implement off the net. NCAA cages are available in 30’, 24’, or 22’ in height, greater than specified by the NCAA. (NCAA Super 30 Cage features 30’ doors.) The IAAF certified cage comes with 33’ (10m) doors and 23’ (7m) back posts.
All UCS cages have a Lifetime Guarantee on all steel components.

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