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UCS has been a world leader in Athletic Padding System manufacturing for over 50 years. In that time, we have supplied multiple Olympic Games and World Championships in a variety of sports. Since being the first company to produce a modern pole vault padding system in the 1960’s, we’ve been leading the charge developing proprietary fabrics, researching different foams, and testing different thread and sewing techniques to make stronger pads.

We started supplying drag pads to the climbing industry over 20 years ago and have since started developing custom padding systems based on climbing wall laser based measurements, fall zones and height. With over 5 different top fabrics (all of which pass NFPA 253) and hundreds of different color combinations, cut to exact sizes with a machine, UCS will produce the proper floor with colors to match your brand and wall. Paired with an industry leading 5 Year guarantee on materials and workmanship, let UCS Climbing manufacture your next boulder floor.

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