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We are the innovators in track and field, gymnastic mats and shapes:

  • The first company to completely outfit the track & field equipment to the Olympic Games.
  • The first and only company in the world to use the VTX System for holding landing areas evenly in place.
  • The first company to create 20cm. Mats.
  • The first company to create 2" Floor Exercise Mats.
  • The first company to create 22cm. Mats around the Balance Beam.
  • The first company to manufacture 4-section composite Trapezoid.
  • The first company to manufacture Base Pads that are sold with all UCS Pole Vault Standards
  • The first company to create a full padded Plyo-Box to withstand elite strength training.
  • The only company to manufacture a hurdle with the board located at the extreme edge of the base. Details.
  • The only American company to outfit the European Outdoor Championships.
  • Track & field company to be the exclusive supplier to the NCAA from 1984-2016

High-Jump & Pole-Vault Landing Areas


UCS has made a major contribution to the state of the art of pole vault landing area with its innovative Angulax construction concept. Angulax design means that the landing area "angles away" from the plant box. Development engineers have designed a landing area system that can be placed within an inch of the plant box, eliminating pole contact with the landing area while not interfering with the bend of the pole. The bottom line: increased vaulting safety and dramatically improved performance by your athletes

Every UCS landing area, from the Olympic models to the high school models, comes standard with our 2" (5cm) top pad. At UCS we feel that top pads should be a standard feature, not an option. Our 2" (5 cm) top pad is manufactured out of specially selected urethane foam and covered with a 14 x 12 spike resistant breather fabric. To make foam replacement more efficient each top pad is manufactured with our #11 rust resistant zipper.

The VTX 1000 System, which is standard on UCS landing areas, binds the base and front units together, thus eliminating base and front unit shifting. The 21 ounce vinyl knife-coated material and 8" Velcro fastener strip components are designed, engineered and double lock stitched to give you years of rugged use. The bottom line: increased safety.

The 8' x 10' Coaches' Box (a NFHS recommendation) is available at no additional charge. Available in any color shown.

Sides & bottoms of all units are manufactured of 21 oz. knife coated vinyl composed of 5 oz. 840 denier nylon with a 23 x 23 construction and 16 oz. of liquid coated urethane that is spread over one side of the nylon material. The result - a 37 oz. equivalent vinyl that has the highest tear strength in the industry.


Hardware is zinc coated, rust resistant steel.


UCS handles have a lifetime guarantee. Fabricated out of 3500 TC 2" nylon webbing and covered with 21 oz. vinyl knife coated material. The handles are box stitched to the side of the double reinforced vinyl base unit, below the zipper. The result - a zipper that is guaranteed for 7 years.


All seams and hems are double folded and double stitched with high tenacity 232 polyester thread with at least five stitches to the inch.


Tops of all base units, front units and both sides of the 2" top pads are manufactured out of 14 x 12 PVC extruded 1000 denier polyester.


Our foam is engineered in a lattice formation with three different densities and three different compressions. No one else in the world uses this combination of densities and compressions that will outperform any other pit in the world.

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UCS Strength & Speed

UCS Strength and Speed equipment provides you the foundation to build great athletes. Each piece of equipment is carefully designed to maximize workouts and durable enough to withstand the demands of an entire team. At UCS Strength and Speed, we don’t just build the highest quality equipment, we partner with our customers. We deliver quality so you deliver results.

Exclusive Linear Bearing Systems
UCS exclusively uses block and rail linear bearings. The unique system eliminates all “flex” and bouncing effects caused by tube and collar systems.

Continuing to revolutionize all aspects of equipment, UCS has development a unique stitch pattern, completely removing seams from high-pressure areas. This results in a more comfortable platform for the athlete as well as a more durable pad.

Hydraulic Piston
In an effort to enhance the efficiency of today’s strength facility, UCS utilizes a hydraulic piston to enable quick and safe adjustments from a seated position.

Hook Plate
In order to maintain the integrity of our 7-gauge steel systems, UCS racks feature our nickel-plated hook plate. Laser cut from ¾” steel, the smooth edges eliminate common pinch points. The nickel plating is guaranteed not to chip or rust.

7 Gauge Steel
Fully welded 7-gauge steel tubing, laser cut ¼” to ¾“ plating are exclusively used on all UCS Strength and Speed products.

HDPE Plastic
In order to protect the equipment and expensive training bars from metal to metal contact, UCS features highly resilient shatter proof HDPE coatings on all potential contact paint.

Side Entry Weight Storage

All UCS racks are available with optional side entry weight storage, allowing for the rack to be placed flush against the wall and allow for entry from the side for spotters.

Locking Accessories
The locking mechanisms used in our equipment are specially designed for our number one goal: safety. Bar holders, safety sport arms, and many other pieces utilize this feature allowing for quick repositioning.

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