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Green Manufacturing

At UCS, we are always mindful of the need to protect our environment, to conserve energy, and to be good corporate citizens. Accordingly, just as we always consider an athlete’s safety when evaluating new products, when we examine new technologies, we always begin by taking into account employee and environmental safety concerns.

For example, rather than utilizing liquid paints on our steel products (as many of our foreign competitors do), we use a powder-coating process. Research has determined that this process is of equal quality, but free of toxic fumes. Moreover, instead of using toxic solvent-based chemicals for our colors, we only use colors with a biodegradable vegetable-oil base. UCS has also instituted an extensive recycling program to dispose of scrap aluminum and steel in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible.

In these and a myriad of other policies, UCS continues to manifest a steadfast commitment to sound environmental policies.

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