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Washinton State University Strength and Conditioning Complex



  • 24 X20-A19SB 9' X-20 Rack System
  • 24 A-730420 Multi-Function Bench w/ Docking Stations
  • 10 A-730123 Hydraulic Adjustable Incline Bench
  • 2 A-630613 UCS Original Glute-Ham Machine (added to existing UCS Glute-Ham Machines on site)
  • Custom Accessories were also added to each platform station.
Introduction:WSU X20 RACKS
The Washington State University Cougars recently tabbed UCS Strength & Speed for the first renovation of the school’s weight training facility in more than a decade. As part of a larger half-million-dollar-renovation that included two floors covering 14,000 square feet, UCS was charged with providing updated equipment that would help ensure the school’s training facilities remain among the best in the NCAA.

 New Facility feels Larger, brighter,  
and more efficient   
The Task:
When the Coaching Staff of Washington State University first began corresponding with UCS Strength and Speed, their goal was to create a training environment that would help modernize their facility and improve efficiency within the training regiments. As a result of the communication between UCS and Coach Lang, the facility boasts an open floor plan emphasizing clean lines and improved efficiency enabling simultaneous training of more teams than the previous facility allowed. UCS, at the behest of Coach Lang and his staff, installed 24 self-contained platform stations to minimize athletes' movement and down time between exercises.

Customization of the equipment included platinum-colored frames, crimson and gray upholstery, top and bottom band attachments and weight storage to accommodate built-in horizontal bumper plate storage. Each rack holds 2.5 lbs, 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs and 45 lbs Olympic plates and space for 24 bumpers. UCS also added torso twist trainers and Cougars logos to each rack and developed special pull-up bars that feature both a combination grip and rotating handle.

The new facility also includes a brand new Mondo floor with custom inlays matching the school’s crimson and gray colors. UCS coordinated the delivery of the equipment to coincide with the completion the floor.

David Lang, director of strength and conditioning for Washington State, in an announcement on the school’s Web site said he felt like a proud father as he oversaw, calling the UCS upgrades “a great benefit for our student-athletes.”
Customization of frames, dual color pads  
and logo application on all equipment  

The project was expedited to avoid disruption of the start of the 2010-2011 school year, including a six-week fabrication proceeded by a two-week design consultation while purchasing paperwork was finalized. The entire installation was completed over a four-day stretch in September by UCS’s in-house staff.

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