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UCS is awarded a GSA Contract


UCS is proud to annouce that we have been awarded a GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract.  The General Service Administration (GSA) provides a medium for vendors, such as UCS, to purchase the highest quality athletic equipment more efficiently.


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1 (704) 732-9922
Fax your Order: 1 (704) 732-9559

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UCS Inc.
511 Hoffman Road
Lincolnton, NC 28092

UCS Inc.’s GSA Contract number is GS-03F-0092V.
UCS Inc. accepts Federal Government credit cards. Please contact Customer Service to assist with orders or questions.


General Services Administration

Federal Supply Service

Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

On-line access to contract order information, terms and conditions, up to date pricing, and the option to create an electronic delivery order are available through GSA Advantage! , a menu-driven database system. The INTERNET address GSA Advantage is: GSAAdvantage.gov

GSA Contact Information General Services Administration Federal Supply Service (Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List to be used with the UCS Equipment catalog and UCS Strength and Speed catalog)

Schedule Title: FSC Group 078, , Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation, Trophies and Signs
FSC Class: 78
Contract Number: GS-03F-0092V
For more information on ordering from Federal Supply Schedules click on FSS Schedules button at fss.gsa.gov.
Contract Period: April 20, 2009 through April 19, 2014
Contractor: UCS Inc. 511 Hoffman Road Lincolnton, NC 28092
Toll Free:1 (800)526-4856
Phone: 1 (704)732-9922
Fax: 1 (704)732-9559
Website: Purchase online at: www.ucsspirit.com
Contact Administration:
Zack Schwartz
UCS Inc.
511 Hoffman Road Lincolnton, NC 28092
Toll Free:1 (800)526-4856
Phone: 1 (704)732-9922
Fax: 1 (704)732-9559

Type and Size: Small Business Contract Holder
1a Awarded Special Item Numbers (SIN): 192 -02, 192-08
1b Lowest priced model: Sin Model Price
192-02 POLECAP $3.88
192-08 Foam Hurdle $99.72
1c Hourly Rate N/A
2. Maximum Order Limitation $150,000 per SIN
3. Minimum Order None (all orders accepted regardless of dollar value)
4. Geographic Coverage Domestic, 48 states, and Washington, DC
5. Point of Production Same as the Contractor
6. Discount Prices shown are net. Discounts have been deducted
7. Quantity Discount None
8. Prompt Payment Terms 1%/10 Days; Net 30 Days
9a/b. Government Commercial Credit Card (GCCC) Accepted:
Yes, on all orders regardless of dollar value.
10. Foreign Items N/A
11a/b/ Time of Delivery
Normal: 21 Days – within the 48 contiguous states and Washington DC Expedited: Available on Request
11c/d Time of Delivery
Overnight: N/A
Urgent: Available upon request
12. FOB Point Origin: PREPAID/ADD
13a. Ordering Address:
UCS Inc. 511 Hoffman Road Lincolnton, NC 28092
Toll Free:1 (800)526-4856
Phone: 1 (704)732-9922
Fax: 1 (704)732-9559

Order online: www.ucsspirit.com

13b. Ordering procedures
Orders can be placed over phone by calling (704)732-9922 or (800)526-4856.
Purchase Orders can be faxed to (704)732-9559
Order online at www.ucsspirit.com
14. Payment Address UCS Inc. 511 Hoffman Road Lincolnton, NC 28092

15. Warranty Provisions Various; See Attachment
16. Export Packing Charges N/A
17. Terms and Conditions of Government Commercial Credit Card Acceptance N/A
18. Terms and Conditions of Rental, maintenance, and repair: N/A
19. Terms and Conditions of installation: N/A
20. Terms and Conditions of repair parts: N/A
20a. Terms and Conditions for any other service: N/A
21. List of service and distribution points: N/A
22. List of participating dealers: N/A
23. Preventative Maintenance: N/A
24a.Special Environmental attributes: N/A
24b. Section 508 Compliance: N/A
25. DUNS Number 041439985
26. CCR Registration Yes

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