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Rounders Go To GYMTASTICS Canada




For good reason, GYMTASTICS is one of the fastest growing clubs in western Canada. Through her gymnastics programs, Darlene Fedyna, founder of GYMTASTICS, offers an innovative and creative style of instruction. She applies this same mindset to her facility, updating it with the finest equipment and providing her athletes with a fun and healthy environment. Darlene first showed interest in the Rounders™ to brigthen up her facility with the colorful covers, the uniqueness of the foam shape, and unparalleled safety features. She felt they would provide her facility with the excitement everyone was looking for. Not only is GYMTASTICS facility the first in Canada to have a Rounders™ pit installed, but she was the first customer to incorporate our brand new bright orange color.

The Product:
UCS developed Rounders™ to provide a protective and more durable solution that minimizes the overall maintenance in a foam pit. Rounders™ are the only pit foam available with both flame retardant covers and foam that completely complies with the California Technical Bulletin 117. Along with fire safety, the Rounders™ covers are anti-bacterial and phthalate free and help minimize UV degradation.

The Result:

“The pit is a huge success!!!!!! We absolutely love it. I don’t think we could go back to a normal foam pit. For our future gyms we would consider this option as well. People are already starting to talk about this crazy colorful pit.” -Darlene Fedyna, Founder

Rounders™ include a five-year guarantee covering defective workmanship and materials. The GYMTASTICS pit is now a cleaner, safer, and more efficient environment.

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