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Pole-Vault Training: Elements for All Levels


Available for the first time in english, Vitali Petrov and Vincenzo Canali collaborate to bring you inside the basis of their training methods. A must read for pole vaulters and coaches alike, if you are a fan of the Pole Vault, this book should be in your library.

Pole Vault Training: Elements for All Levels offers deep insight to the philosophy of movement for athletes of all levels. This book provides a progressive guide from the very basic gymnastic elements that can be done at home, to complex movements that require special equipment.

Pole-Vault Training: Elements for All Levels illustrates a method which is applicable to all sports allowing the construction of the correct posture to optimise technical understanding of the sport. While obtaining correct posture is important to any sport, it is especially essential in the pole vault, a complex sport based on various technical motor aspects and running techniques. Trainers can use the methods in this book to help athletes at any level obtain consistent results to avoid injury”

-- Sergey Bubka
Current Pole Vault World Record Holder


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