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NCAA 2010 Outdoor Track & Field Championships


June 10, 2010

Eugene, OR – UCS is back where it all began. It was 1972 when Jeff Schwartz called Bill Bowerman, the legendary head track coach at the University of Oregon, to ask if would be able to display his new pole-vault pit in the warm-up area at the National AAU Championships. Within days, Jeff had loaded the first ever Fall Safe Pole Vault Pit onto a truck and drove it across the country from to Eugene, Oregon. Coach Bowerman was so impressed with the craftsmanship and quality that went into the pit, he directed Jeff to take it inside the stadium and use it to replace the existing competition pit. Yesterday Jeff was recognized as he presented the 1st trophy of the championship weekend for the men’s discus event.

This week the NCAA Division 1 Outdoor Track and Field National Championships are taking place at the University of Oregon’s historic Hayward Field. As the official equipment supplier to the NCAA Track and Field Championships, UCS Inc. has supplied new 1900 Pole Vault Landing Pits, 1360 High Jump Landing Pits, International Pole Vault Standards, Grand Prix High Jump Standards, Ultimate 5500 Automatic Hurdles, Grand Prix Starting Blocks, UCS Spirit Crossbars, Hurdle Dollies, discus and implement carts, and other meet accessories.

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If you are in Eugene or going to be attending the championships and would like to meet with a UCS representative please call 800-526-4856 and make a request. Mike, Zack, Chris or Lane will be readily available to assist you with your product interest and overall equipment needs.

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