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      The new home of the Soldier Performance Enhancement Program (SPEP) at Fort Bragg, NC is a benchmark for military training facilities. The center was designed to open the door to alternative training techniques using modern Strength and Conditioning methods. The goal of the new facility is to provide the proper tools and training to build a culture that heightens the readiness of the tactical athlete.fort bragg plyometric area

Large turfed area for agility and plyometric training.
The Task:  
       Working closely with the staff for the new facility, UCS helped develop 12 Unit Performance Packages. The packages were designed to provide maximum flexibility in the facility. In addition to the UCS Strength & Speed racks, benches, Glute-Ham Machines, and G2 plyo-boxes the facility is outfitted with an agility turf area, combative balcony with several tools for tactical training and a wide variety of state of the art cardiovascular equipment.
       Some of the new programs that will be developed at the Frederick Physical Fitness Center are Advanced Equipment Technique Courses (AETC) which will introduce modern training techniques using Olympic Lifts, Plyometrics and Agility into the day to day training of American Soldiers and their families. x 20 strength rackAlso the PT Leader’s Functional Fitness Course which is designed to teach many of the techniques found in the AETC to the various leaders of PT and Soldier development throughout the Army. As part of the MWR network the Center will be open not only to active military soldiers and trainers but their families as well. This new center will be the premier location for group human performance training within the Fort Bragg community.
X-20 unit performance stations line the entire length of the facility.

UCS is honored to have been selected as the equipment provider for this important development in Military Training. We look forward to continuing our work with the Armed Forces.

See more photos of the facility here

Read more about the Fort Bragg Federick Physical Fitness Facility in Government Recreation & Fitness Magazine, March 2011 issue.

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