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Advantages of UCS Covered Rounders Pit Foam


UCS is proud to exclusively offer two new products that
promise to help make your training pits safer, cleaner and
easier to maintain.

Read the PDF version, you have to see it to believe it!

The Problem with Square Pit Foam Blocks
For the past 30 years, facility owners have randomly placed square blocks of foam into gymnastics safety pits to provide the landing surface for athletes to perform skills. Sticking to tradition, however, isn't always the best option. The key to a safe gymnastics pit is having plenty of air between the foam blocks to absorb compression, but as pressure is exerted from the top of the pit, square blocks are forced to the bottom, eliminating those air pockets. Once square foam has become “stacked” in a pit, the blocks move very little as athletes enter, creating a harder landing and better opportunity for injury. Pit fluffing is a temporary fix, but eventually the blocks will restack and the problem continues.

Furthermore, the square shape accelerates the breakdown rate of uncovered polyurethane foam blocks. When square blocks deteriorate, the corners and edges break off first, and those pieces build up quickly in the bottom of the pit. In a short period of time, the pit is filled with foam dust and the blocks have become less effective.

The Better Shape for Pit Foam
The shape of UCS Rounders eliminates corners and flat edges, allowing air to naturally fill between blocks. The result is less foam stacking, which means the foam rolls more easily in pits resulting in a softer, safer training pit. The shape of the foam also reduces sharp corners and edges, meaning UCS Rounders will keep their shape longer and minimize foam break-off.

Covered Pit Foam
Also new from UCS is the industry’s first covered pit foam that comes wrapped with a polyester/spandex
fabric to eliminate pit foam breakdown. Uncovered foam blocks break down under exposure to light,
temperature and humidity, resulting in cleanliness and safety issues, as well as thousands of dollars in added
costs to replace the blocks. Pit foam from UCS is manufactured with covers that are fire retardent, antibacterial and water resistant.

Order our new pit foam products today to provide your athletes with safer, cleaner, and more cost effective training atmosphere.

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