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"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."

- John Wooden -
The 2015 Presenters:
Philippe D'Encausse - The coach of World Record Holder Renaud Lavillenie, Philippe D'Ecnausse has a rich pole vault background and will share in his philosophies. "Breaking a 20 year old World Record - preparations, expectations, and the future" is an in-depth look at the approach and preparations in breaking the elusive Pole Vault World Record and what they seek next.

Scott Huffman - Former American record holder, Scott shares a unique perspective and attributes his long time success to developing the approach run.  He will discuss problems at take off and their relationship to the approach run. "Problems at take off? It's all about the approach."

Greg Hull - Bringing years of experience as one of America's top Pole Vault coaches, Greg will cue in on the importance of keeping the big picture in focus.  "A simplistic approach to the big picture of pole vaulting."

Coaches Group:
We have re-structured the summit presentation sessions to create a more intimate setting with greater access.  The new conversational style Breakout Sessions for coaches is designed to give you the opportunity to seek the tools you need to meet any coaching challenge. Whether it be coaching a beginner, Pole Vault technique at advanced levels, training theory, college recruiting process, athlete management, dealing with the administrative parts of coaching, or something else; the breakout sessions provide a forum for you to engage in the discussion. We are thrilled to offer a diverse group of speakers with over 125 combined years of coaching experience.
  • Bobby Low M.S., Ed.Sp. - Finishing his doctorate in Sport Psychology at the University of Missouri, Bobby was an 18' + vaulter himself. Booby's focus of study is in the power of focus and maintaining a positive environment to achieve high performance. This area of Sport Psychology applies to a broad range of athletics but transcends to building the foundation for successful life skills. We are fortunate for Bobby to offer a glimpse into this often forgotten part of a successful career.
  • Alan Richardson - Former National Pole Vault Coach for UK Athletics, Alan played an instrumental part in developing a successful Nation wide pole vault coach mentorship program. This program has lead to the development and growth of Pole Vaulting in the UK, resulting in 2 Olympic finalist in 2012, the World Youth Champion in 2013, and the development of a small country's impact on International performance. Alan is now British Athletics Event Group Lead for Jumps and Combined Events.
  • Kris Mack:  Kris Mack: Head Coach Men's Track and Field / Cross Country at the University of Cincinnati. With a Master's in Biomechanics Kris's daily coaching focus is on all the jumps at UC with specific experience and interest in the Pole Vault. He has a broad coaching experience coaching athletes to multiple NCAA All American Awards and NCAA Champion in an array of track and field events and brings a unique perspective to the Pole Vault Summit. He is a valuable addition to our team.
  • Jeff Guy: Founder and director of the Ultimate High vault club in the Phoenix, AZ area as well as the vault coach at Desert Vista High School. He develops multiple 12’ plus girls and 15’ plus boys on a year to year basis. Selected as the National High School Coach of the Year in 2000.
  • Dason Phelps: A product of the Junior College system, Dason still holds the Junior College National Pole Vault Record and remains as the only Junior College athlete ever to vault 18'. Dason has been coaching vaulters for over 12 years, highlighted by an Arizona High School State Champion, before taking a position at the University of Mary in North Dakota where he is building the pole vault program.     Link

Open / College / Masters Open Athlete Forum: 

It will be worth your while!  Bringing a stronger focus to this group we are expanding on the Athlete Panel Discussion to widen your opportunity for interaction with top vaulters who have achieved the highest level of competition. Shoot the breeze with Olympic and World Champions, American or World Record Holders; get tips on training, nutrition, mental preparation - learn their stories. This session has been created for you to learn from the experience of the best in the World.  Led by Olympic Champion Tim Mack, this focus group will bring in top level athletes topics that matter specifically to you.    Link

Summit Coaching Staff for Learn by doing sessions:
The success of the National Pole Vault Summit has been driven by the hands on learning and activity sessions lead by the best pole vault staff in the world.  Dedicated to safe vaulting principles, and developmental skills in an encoraging and positive environment the pole vault summit staff is commited to advancing a responsible Pole Vault culture.  Below is a short bio of many memebers.

Todd Lehman: In charge of our teaching sessions at the summit. Coach at Paradise Valley Junior College, coached both men’s and women’s record holders for junior colleges and numerous national champions. Co-director of the Sky Athletics clubs and camps.

Tom Hays:
Asst Coach at Kansas, currently coaching Jordan Scott and former coach of top rated NCAA vaulters including former champion Andrea Dutoit.

Jim Bemiller:
Former coach at the Univ of Tennessee who guided Tim Mack to the 2004 Olympic Gold and Lawrence Johnson to the 2000 Olympic silver. Arguably the most successful coach on U.S. collegiate history.

Cranston Hysong:
Long time high school coach in Arizona, developed six 16’ vaullters including his son Nick who jumped 17’4” in high school and went on to win Olympic Gold in 2000.

Peter McGinnis:
Well known as our leading bio-mechanics expert for the vault but also a long time coach at Cortland State University in New York.

Brooks Morris:
One of our most enthusiastic and active young coaches. Works with all ability levels of vaulters in the Los Angeles metro area. Son of 1960 Olympic silver medal winner Ron Morris.

Dave Nielsen:
Head coach at Idaho State University. Consistently one of the top vault programs in the U.S. for over 20 years. Dave is well known for developing and guiding Stacy Dragila to the 2000 Olympic Gold.

Scott Steffan: Asst: coach at the U.S. Air Force Academy. In his years at Air force and at New Mexico Scottie has developed multiple 18’ male vaulters. His enthusiasm and energy are well known by his athletes and his peers.

Robert Tilly:
Runs the highly successful Pure Sky vaulting club in the Las Vegas area. He works tirelessly to keep the vault alive and well in Nevada.

Mark Vanderville:
Former coach at the Univ of Oregon and currently working with high school athletes in the Eugene area. His pupils have included Tommy Skipper as a 19’ vaulter at the Uof O and J.J. Julifs as a 17’ plus high school vaulter.

Roy Willits/Jen Crossiant: Currently serve as directors of the Intermediate group at the summit. Founders and co-directors of the Pole Pilots vault club in Tucson, AZ. Roy and Jen work out of their back yard promoting and developing local high school and masters level vaulters. Their athletes have gone on to great success at the collegiate level.

Mark Brown: Our director for the beginners program at the Reno Summit. Mark is a former national class gymnast who fell in love with the vault. His ability to work with young people is amazing and along with his staff help introduce our beginners to event. He is a valued member of the Sky Athletics coaching staff for their winter and summer camps.

David Butler: Long time vault coach at Rice University and one of our leading historians of the event. David has traveled around the world gathering knowledge and developing contacts. His pupils include NCAA champion Jason Colwick.

Anthony Curran: Long time and highly successful coach at UCLA and a former world class vaulter. Anthony is one of the truly “good guys” in our sport and attracts many of the top athletes to his program with his knowledge and enthusiasim.

Greg Duplantis:
The former world class vaulter from LSU has become a passionate coach in the Baton Rouge area. His love of the event has drawn his whole family into the event and it is a pleasure to see the success they all share.

Reg Hulbert: Reg has served as a volunteer coach in the Spokane area for years, working around his real job as an airline pilot. Reg has guided many successful 16’ plus high school vaulters and introduced American record holder Brad Walker to the event.

Jenni Ashcroft: Currently serves as the vault coach at Cal Poly SLO and the former coach at the Univ of Oregon where among others she guided Melissa Gergel to All-American status.

Scott Huffman:
Scott is a former American record holder who was best known for his unique clearance style dubbed the "Huffman Roll" as he looked more like a high jumper than a vaulter. Scott has recently returned to a more active role in the vault and his energy and enthusiasm are a great addition to the summit staff.

Darrin Bryant:
A long time club and high school coach and official in the Kansas City area. Darrin has spent years working alongside some of the top coaches in the country as he developed his own positive and successful coaching style.

Matt Hull:
Currently coaching at the high school level in New Mexico where he has developed numerous State champions for both boys and girls. Has coached for Sky Athletics for a number of years and grew up learning from some of the top coaches and vaulters in the world.

Nick Paramo:
A top young high school coach from the central valley of California. Nick has worked at the summit for years and always gets great reviews from his co-workers. Nicks high school athletes have had excellent success in California state meet competition the last few years.

Rob Wahl: Rob has been a fixture at the summit for the past decade plus. He works in the vault in many areas in the Pennsylvania area and is one of the top advocates for education and safety in the event.

Dan Wilkerson: Dan is a relative newcomer to the summit staff. He coaches in the South Bend area with collegiate athletes and has been guiding Mary Saxer to some world class performances the last few years.  Top

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